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Welcome to the Band of Brothers Clan

Hello guest or regular player,

We of the Band of Brothers would like to welcome you to our new and improved website. don't be shy to look around or say hello on our very popular forums!
We hope that you will enjoy your stay on our website and don't doubt to come back sometimes!


This clan was founded on the 1st of January 2007. We are a gaming clan and play all games related to World War Two. Our objective is to create a "Band of Brothers" where everybody can have fun and can get support from our teammembers.

Band of Brothers Clan Movie:

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If you are one of the interested visitors that would like to join the Band of Brothers Clan please feel free to visit this webpage for more information about joining! Our team is here to help! Experience the dedicated gaming team we offer and feel free to request to join our funbased clan!

More information can befound on the following webpage Recruitment Information.

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